While Lebanon is well-known for his traders, Kassar Family has always spearheaded and led the Lebanese market in importing and exporting for decades. In every business trade we did or still do, we acquire the largest market share and become the most reputable.

Started with our great grandfather Mohammad Kassar, every generation of the family was well-known for their imported product lines be it - herbs, ghee, hardware, garden tools, insecticides, agricultural & garden tools, and sports & leisure equipments.


In 2014, the company consolidated its businesses and re-launched as “Kassar Group” reviving the family name and track record.

The group is based out of Beirut, Lebanon with permanent office in China and exporting logistics across the Middle East. The current company’s core competency includes:, public health, insecticides, agriculture tools, garden tools, and chemicals; in addition to, general trading businesses.


We aim to mobilize knowledge, investments, technology, and networks to deliver innovative products and outstanding services as well as earn high equity and reputation.


We are a market-oriented business who carry out periodic research to find the needs and wants of our consumers in order to create a distinctive product and exclusive service.

Code of Ethics

While compliance with laws and regulations is mandatory, it also shows our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. It demonstrates we care about and respect the people we serve. 

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws

Kassar Group takes a strong stance against bribery consistent with the anti-bribery laws that exist in Lebanon and many countries around the world. We strictly prohibit bribes, kickbacks, illegal payments and any other offer of items of value that may inappropriately influence or reward a customer to order, purchase or use our products and services, whether provided directly or through a third party such as a distributor, customs broker or other agent.

Antitrust and competition laws

Antitrust and competition laws promote fair competition and protect consumers from unfair business practices. These laws frequently address areas such as illegal agreements between competitors aimed at preventing or restricting free competition, price fixing and unfair trade practices. At Kassar Group, we comply fully with all applicable antitrust and competition laws in Lebanon and abroad.

Global trade compliance: anti-boycott and trade sanctions laws

Kassar Group conducts import and export transactions every day and complies with all applicable local, regional and international trade laws, rules and regulations. We also respect trade sanctions and import/export restrictions imposed by governments that are applicable to our activities.

Fair purchasing & Non-PARTISAN

In a politically and sectarian driven economy like Lebanon, Kassar Group purchases many items necessary to support our work - manufacturing activities, supplies and equipment for our offices, and catering services for our meetings. When making these and other purchases, we must act fairly and impartially toward vendors, suppliers and other service providers.