Many industries. Countless products. One focus.


The group is well-known for being one of the first to pack herbs and species easy sale. The company was the largest importer of ghee during its peak.

Today, the company majority focus on trending products in the operational markets.

AGRICULTURAL / Garden TOOls / Chemicals

The group has various collections of agricultural and garden tools that serves diverse segment of garden tool users - industrial, semi-professional, household.

The group also has a long list of imported chemicals for agricultural and industrial use in various manufacturing products.

PUBLIC HEALTH & INsecticides

The Public Health division includes:

  • Insecticides (Ceravine®, Stop Insect®, Raticide®, Garden Top®, Alpha Mix®)

  • Repellents (Goudron de Pin®),

  • Pest Management Equipment (Di Martino®)

  • Drain Openner (Boxer Drain Opener®)


The group has a range of sports equipments for , tennis, table tennis, football, basketball, kitesurfing, gymnastic, kayaking, fishing, and diving, in addition to a range of trending products for leisure.